May 30, 2018 12:58 PDT

Soon after I began to ride Capitol Corridor I happened to sit next to one of my personal heroes, the Honorable Cruz Reynoso, the first California Supreme Court Judge of Latino descent. His Honor is now on the faculty of UCDavis School of Law, but travels regularly to San Francisco for meetings, etc. Mind you, he is 87 years young! In this day when general civility and courtesy are sorely lacking, his Honor is a gentleman and scholar of the first order, while at the same time demonstrating a wicked sense of humor and a true concern for those less fortunate. He's a living example of how one human being committed to justice can make a difference. Were I not a Capitol Corridor rider, I would never have met and gotten to know his Honor, and it is my supreme privilege to share the few precious hours we have riding together. I will be forever grateful to Capitol Corridor for being the conduit by which Justice Reynoso and I have become acquainted!


Martinez, CA

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