May 31, 2018 07:54 PDT

My favorite trip on the Capitol corridor is our annual bike trip to Sacramento. We take the train up Friday night with our bikes, have a few beers, and enjoy our friends company. On Saturday we bike to Folsom and back to Sac on a lovely trail. Then Sunday we bike home, along the train route, knowing we can always jump on a train if we need to, but so far, we've made it home without it. A few of our friends catch the train in Davis or Susuin, but we pedal the whole way back to bart. Having the saftey net of the train lets me do the ride, and let's others attempt it who are not sure they can make the whole 100 miles biking. We love the train ride up, and the option of riding it home. We also love inviting friends to join us on this annual trip and showing them how great the train is. Once people try the capitol corridor, they love it as much as we do and are so appreciative that we got them to try it.


San Francisco, CA

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