Rider Stories

We're retired in Roseville. We sometimes go to the City...you know, like in the past when families would get on the train or a carriage and go into town for supplies. We get up early, board Amtrak at approximately 7am, and get to San Francisco about 9:30. It's exciting to see the...


Roseville, CA

On Sunday, May 27th, I used one of my 10-Ride tickets available to travel from Oakland Coliseum to Sacramento. The Oakland A’s had just defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1 in a pitchers duel, in which Frankie Montas got the win, with a little help via a homerun from his Catcher, Jonathan Lucroy....


Sacramento, CA

My favorite time on the Capitals Corridor has to be when I took my girls to San Jose from Sacramento. First time on the train and their eyes lit up. They loved the food cart and the beautiful scenery. We played games, took a nap and made some beautiful memories on the train.


Roseville , CA

One of my favorite trips on the Capitol Corridor is meeting my Mom and Dad with Hubby in Oakland or SF.. We meet in Jack London Square-we come from Santa Cruz (drive to San Jose Station/they come from Turlock Denair).. A short walk to the ferry with a drink at stop at Heinholds historic tavern and...


Santa Cruz, CA

I like to ride the capitol corridor to meet friends and fellow members such as fellow members of California Council of the Blind when we have our state convention in Sacramento, visiting our legislators or visiting downtown Sacramento. Fast,easy,economical,and convenient. The seating is comfortable...


Santa Rosa, CA

The Capitol Corridor enabled me to raise my children in Nevada City while I worked in San Francisco for 20 years. Amazing! I typically travel westbound on Mondays and Eastbound on Thursdays, however, the fantastic frequency and value priced 10 ride ticket made it possible for me to attend...


Nevada City, CA

I've been a Capitol Corridor commuter for over three years, first traveling from Roseville to Davis, and now from Auburn to Davis. Since my husband and I relocated to Auburn, we've enjoyed our daily commute - he rides to Roseville, and I to Davis. He reads and relaxes, and I catch up on...


Auburn, CA

The Capitol Corridor functions as its own mini metropolis. I have been riding the train to Davis for my PhD in psychology for the past two years and have met policy makers, countless professors, several 8-year-olds on fieldtrips, and at least one celebrity. On a trip not too long ago, I looked over...


Oakland, CA

Took my mother the State Capital. Enjoyed long conversation with her without of the stress of driving.


Oakland, CA

My favorite trip was my first trip from Sacto to SF. Since I became disabled, I lost my confidence in doing things that I loved, especially traveling by myself. Taking this trip solo helped me gain confidence again. The ride itself was very surreal. I left very early saw so I was able to watch...


Sacramento, CA